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Ordering Meat Online

September 5th, 2012 9:21 pm

Ordering meat online is a perfect solution for experimental cooking. Many would assume the quality of meat that is ordered online would be poor due to the delivery time which would understandably lessen the freshness of the content.If you are new to ordering meat online and don’t know where to start, your first step should always be to look for a reputable online meat supplier who can offer you the diversity and the meat range you crave.

The average online meat supplier usually specialises in a certain type/source of meat i.e. British pork or Argentinean steak. Depending on your preference you can begin your search focusing on the type of meats you are interested in. However if you are interested in buying meat in bulk, finding a supplier who can cater to your needs – without breaking the bank – is important.

I’ve found a quality site – what do I do next?

It is important once you have found a quality meat online supplier that you get to grips with their delivery process. For instance, where do they deliver to? Do they have a delivery charge?

Most online meat suppliers will charge a small fee for the delivery of their meats, especially if they are delivering your beef, pork or chicken chilled (not frozen). Specialist chilling technology will be required to ensure that your meat remains fresh and loses none of its goodness.

However, you will encounter some online meat suppliers who will also add a surplus charge depending on where you live in the UK. This is usually down to the fact that extra care and precautions are needed to guarantee that your meat stays chilled.

Fortunately, when you buy meat online most meat suppliers will offer you a discount/free delivery when you exceed a certain order amount, as well as a quality assured guarantee.

Are you getting value for your money?

We have all got our own preferences when it comes to weights: kg, lbs and ounces; however understanding how your order compares to other suppliers in terms of value for money can prove incredibly useful.

Should you get the chance to compare prices, or find an online meat supplier that lists the prices of their competition on their website, we definitely recommend you take a look. You never know what lucrative deals you might come across that could improve your buy meat online ordering experience.

Just be careful to check out their comparison disclaimer and see how often they update these prices. If they do it once a week, you can feel fairly confident you are comparing the most up-to-date prices.

Placing your order

Buying meat online is relatively straight forward, and doesn’t differ that much from general orders. However, to give you an example on how to buy meat online successfully, most sites involve the following:

Once you find your preferred beef, pork or chicken cut, you should be able to order meat directly on the page. Here you will be offered weight and quantity options for the product that once you confirm will be added to your basket.

The checkout will be your last opportunity to remove items, increase quantities etc before you buy, so make sure you have got everything you want and proceed to the next stage.

This stage will simply involve: putting in your account details, inputting any discount codes you have been offered and reviewing how your order will be delivered. Here you should be able to offer an alternative delivery address and your preferred delivery day if you are ordering in advance.

The Best Pubs for Your Beach Holiday in the UK

July 26th, 2012 10:32 pm

During your UK beach holiday, you do not have to go to all the tourist attractions that are available for you. You can choose the activities that will provide you with some relaxation and rejuvenation during this UK beach holiday. The pubs offer great places to unwind and relax. Here are some of the popular pubs that you can find in the area. These are near the holiday cottages so it is very easy to go there.

The Ship Inn

The Ship Inn is located right near the holiday cottages which you are sure to stay during your UK beach holiday. Even your kids will enjoy the delicious food that is served at this pub. You can bring your pet dogs too as this place is very pet-friendly. You can have a pleasing conversation with some friends as you sip your favourite beer that comes from the well-known Bass and Otter Brewery. You can also choose from the different wines that are being offered here at the pub. You will get a cosy and comfortable ambiance when you visit the pub so if you want to relax in its warm surroundings, you can easily do so. The pub opens from `12 noon to 2 p.m. for lunch and then from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. for dinner.

The Harbour Inn

The Harbour Inn is another popular pub that you must go to during your UK beach holiday. This place offers mouthwatering meals that will satisfy your appetite. The kids have their own special children’s menu too. You will find many families from the nearby holiday cottages enjoying their meals here together with the locals who recommend this place to visitors. You can choose from a wide variety of delicious homemade food and various drinks that you can pair it with. There is no doubt that all members of the family will find something special in the menu that they would love to order. Their delicious fish dishes come highly recommended. You can try the Guinness, Taglefoot, Stella and other beverages to go with it. If you are looking for a place where you can relax and dine in a comfortable ambiance or have a special romantic dinner, then the Harbour Inn is the place to be. Meals at this place will bring several good memories long after your UK beach holiday are over.